About our Team

David Gurary and Irina Falberg, husband and wife, work together as a team, and have over 24 years of combined experience in the field of Real Estate. They have a shared passion for helping people, and use it in every business venture they start. 

David worked and went to school full-time, studying electrical engineering at Cleveland State University. At age 21 he started his own company, manufacturing and distributing computers nationwide. Irina joined him shortly afterwards, running customer service, sales, marketing, and the overall operations of the business. 

Irina grew up, surrounded by arts and artists like her grandfather, who was a famous composer. She found her own passion in music and playwriting, and received her Bachelors degree in Theatre studies from Kent State University. 

Together, the two worked with a variety of diverse companies – from advertising agencies to the U.S. government – growing their business from three to 100 employees and up to $50 million in annual sales volume. 

In 2005 they sold the computer company and began investing in real estate. Together they decided to get their real estate licenses and built a new business helping friends and clients with their residential and commercial real estate needs. This includes purchasing, selling, renting and rehabbing real estate investments ­– here in Ohio as well as in Florida.  At times this means recommending agents in other real estate markets, if that's what is best for their clients' needs.

Their desire to help others led the couple to found two non-profit organizations. The first, The Faceola Organization, was dedicated to teaching better parenting practices to lower income families in the hopes of ending the cycle of poverty and abuse. The second, New American Life, was founded to assist new U.S. immigrants in the community in starting their own businesses.